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Summer Dance | 5Ritmi | Marc Lendfers (assistita da Alessia)| Toscana

Alessia Lencioni will assist this workshop. 

The summer is the time to hit the brakes of our daily life. It’s the time to step back and relax. With the 5Rhythms as our guidance we dance into that natural state of relaxation where it's easy to be with oursleves,and everything which moves us, and with eachother. In the dance we move with the qualities of elements, earth, fire, water and air, how we can connect with them to support us in our daily life and to dive deeper into their healing presence. We will reconnect with our bodies in a profound and playfull way. Our bodies will be our entrance to move with our state of being and our emotions. The Summer Dance is a place to meet other dancers on a deeper level in a relaxed way. A lot of lifetime friendships have started here.

Global schedule:
Sunday: arriving in the afternoon, in the evening opening-circle and dancing.
Monday: prgram in the morning and in the evening.
Tuesday: program in the morning and in the evening.
Wednesday: program in the morning,  free time in the afternoon and evening.
Thursday: program in the morning and in the evening.
Friday: program in the morning and closing-circle at about 13.00. Lunch at 14:00.

Retreat including full service accomodation €640,-, paid before 1st of June - After that €695,- GROUPS: If you book as a group of 5 or more dancers you pay €595 per person paid before 1st of June. After that €640,- per person.

Marc Lendfers-